> What is this?

This is an intentional image corruption application that I wrote. It downloads an image from the url you provide, and randomly ejects and injects bits and bytes according to some settings you can modify.

> What's the deal?

I have encountered broken jpg's before and they often have brilliant results. I'm a big fan of glitch music (yes, it's a thing) so when my girlfriend and me were talking about digital art and virtualization I came up with this idea. I quickly found out that I'm not the first one to come up with the idea, sadly. There is Glitchbot, who posts a new glitched image on flickr every day. There is also Recyclism, who made a lot of corrupted images and even published his script. However it was not appropriately customizable, which is why I wasn't discouraged after discovering it. After finishing I found some more but decided not to drop my web 2.0 approach to the subject.

> Okay, so what do I do?

You find an image URL (in most browsers you can rightclick and 'copy image address' or 'copy image url' or something similar. You enter the URL in the first box and press enter. After loading you'll be presented with the source image and the corrupted version. Large images will be resized.

> What's with the seed?

The randomness of the algorithm is based on the seed. This means if you remember the seed and the settings on the sliders, you can corrupt different images in the same way (provided they are of the same size and type).

> Half of the image is gray/No image is shown?

It's recommended to only use .jpg images. Although .png and .gif can have interesting results as well, they more often break the image completely. Gray zones are caused by fatal corruption, so just try some different settings and corrupt again.

> My image is on my harddrive, what do I do?

I suggest using Waffle Images for a temporary hosting of your image. WI provides you with a link you can copy into the box here.

> Did you code everything yourself?

I used notepad++ to code PHP, JQuery, JQueryUI, JS, HTML and CSS. I also used some snippets, classes and code samples including Image resize from Simon Jarvis and a ton of people on StackOverflow. I also stole this.

> I have more questions!

I'll gladly give you more info or support. Here's a link to my contact page.