> What is this?

This is a little chunk of javascript that replaces the mouse pointer with a huge hand on any page you would want that to happen. There's nothing else which you can see if you look at the source.

> What's the deal?

I'm a big fan of handheld devices, even though I can't afford them. Yet the few chances that I had to try one I find a critical thing missing while everybody else seems to be okay with it. Sure we're taking giant leaps in technology, connectivity, ... but am I old fashioned for desiring tactile feedback, something IBM keyboards in the 70's could offer us?

No more blind typing hacking skills, no more sending texts with your phone still in your pocket during class, no speed typing, blind people or people with bad eyesight are unable to use it, ...

So, like anything else on this webpage, I got the idea, and I made it in a 4 hours timeframe on a wednesday afternoon.

> Okay, so what do I do?

Select one of the options and then either:
* copy paste the code in the code box into any browser url bar and press enter.
* OR drag the image of Steve Jobbs into your bookmarks bar and then click on the bookmark while the desired page is open.

> Did you code everything yourself?

I use gedit, a local apache2 in Ubuntu on a 6 year old laptop. I had the idea for a while, but when I saw kathack.com pop up the other day, I realized it was a lot easier than I thought. I completely stole his way of doing javascript into the browser bar. I recommend playing with his stuff which is infinitely more awesome than mine. And yes, it's my hand in the picture.

> I have more questions!

I'll gladly give you more info or support. Here's a link to my contact page.