NUTS (demo)

⚠This is the home of the 2018 NUTS public demo. The game is in active development as of 2019, but I want to leave the demo up here for posterity. I will no longer be posting builds to this page, and when the new game becomes available it will have a different home. ⚠

Thank you for your support and donations in the last 14 months, it has been the driving force for me to find a way to make this game. I plan to create a devlog, but have not started. Follow me on twitter or youtube for future updates!


Find out where the squirrel keeps their stash!

You have 3 cameras, wired up to three TVs at your hideout. Each night, the squirrel leaves its home, goes to its stash, and returns home. You can place the cameras during daytime, and at night you can watch it run around. Can you find the tree that has the stash?



WASD: Move Click: Interact E (at night): End the night early E (near camera): Aim <-- this one's not obvious ⚠ F: Speed up time <-- use sparingly, you could miss the squirrel! What we know about the squirrel

it lives in the orange tree it takes the same route every night it visits one other tree, this is where the stash is Hints

start by putting your cameras around the orange tree if you wait around near the stash tree, you can shake it be nice to the squirrel you can leave the night-time early, by pressing [E] ⚠ absolutely no jumpscares ⚠

This game was made for GGJ 2018, at the Reykjavik University site in Iceland. All development and design done by me, Jonatan Van Hove, with help from Marín Björt Valtýsdóttir, Torfi Ásgeirsson and Jóhannes Sigurðsson.

External assets: Unity 2017.3, First Person Drifter, Outline shader, Squirrel model, Clock model, Chair model, Camera model (modified), Lato Font


Known issues

The game has no audio You can't set mouse sensitivity, sorry :( Use ALT+F4 to quit, also when you win The squirrel behavior is a bit wonky (fixed in 0.3) Player sits inside chair (instead of on) (fixed in 0.2) The squirrel exits the fence briefly, but re-enters (fixed in 0.2) You can exit the fence by trying hard but really shouldn't (fixed in 0.2)