Tiny Massive controller


Today I helped make a city bus into an arcade controller for #tinymassive (tinymassive.io). With @torfias, @owen_hindley, et al.


The two joysticks will control various scenes/sketches/games on this building (Harpa in Reykjavik) all weekend during the Winter Lights Festival winterlightsfestival.is


bonus: bus carwash happened while we were mounting stuff



And it works!


(video by @Haukursteinn)

I know what you're all thinking and the latency is <40 ms as far as I can tell.

Incredible Live concert by “Lonely, Dear” with visuals on Harpa, played with OP-Z by @jugendingenieur broke the thread but here's a concert snippet from inside the bus yesterday.


Transcendental experience to see @themilkywhale in a bus with live visuals 10 storiess high. (oops) *Loney Dear @loneydear