Social Reset

Dear friend,

Nobody asked, but I felt compelled to write this anyway. It is intended for old friends, people who like my work, or anybody who might recognize this feeling.

I have had a complicated relationship with social media for a while now. I regularly delete social media apps, have used a Facebook front-page blocker for years, log out of Twitter that I've been sneakily using in the browser of my phone because they lured me back in, and made a big deal about migrating to Mastodon where I only really posted for about a month. Immediately after leaving for a bit, I usually feel great for a while, until I inevitably relapse and log back in, either for something specific, or because I just want to zone out to some Content.

It sucks, and I feel like I am losing either way. I'm on the platform, I'm participating in an unethical system and my attention and engagement is abused by algorithms. I'm not on the platform and I miss out on events, local community organizations, pictures of your dogs.

Without getting into all the reasons for or against doing anything, because I want to keep this short: here's where I'm at.

I miss you. I miss reading your posts, interacting with them. It feels silly to deprive both of us from the joy of making a connection no matter how small.

I miss posting. It feels equally silly to deny myself the pleasure of sharing thoughts and work and receiving reactions, encouragements or feedback on it.

These thoughts feel more and more urgent, as I have a game development project coming out that I worked on for 3 years (Phantom Spark), and I have forgotten how to participate in the online public space. I want to talk about it to you, and I want to help promote it.

I hate the platforms, but I love the people, and the people I love, are all over the place. So I'll be all over the place for a while. Cross-posting, and using whatever endless feed currently feels best (or least worst).

Thanks for reading and see you when we're both in bed doomscrolling and liking each others shitposts 😎