Two recipes

Welcome to my blog.

As the first post on this new page ( I want to share two recipes with you.

One is a recipe for posting stuff online. I am still developing this. I've tried to optimize it to be the most convenient way for me to author stuff, and share it wildly on whatever social platform it might reach some friends or people who want to see it.

The other is a recipe for crêpes that I really like.

Recipe 1: posting stuff online

Once you've set up your hacky pipeline, here's how you write a blogpost

That's it! Sure, I could've used an existing blogging platform, but considering the state of Big Tech it feels like building a house on sound in a sandstorm. I really miss the (good) jank of just pushing text files around on computers that I went down this rabbit hole instead. It's just textfiles, some PHP (lol, I know it's adorable), some Bash. For now ?.

The sync script does the following a) sync the Blog folder (posts and images) recursively between Obsidian folder and git repo (rsync) b) push the git repo c) sync to my webhost (rsync)

Since this is a roundabout way to inaugurate a new blog, here's some Q&A for you:

What will you write about?

Will it be regular?

Will it be long?

Where should I subscribe or follow?

Recipe 2: Crêpes

My partner gave me this classic icelandic crepe recipe, and I modified it a bit and it's really good! I started writing down recipes in Obsidian also, because it's a bad experience to find and especially use recipes online.

Mix the below ingredients straight into a bowl and let it set for as long as you can. Overnight, or 20 minutes, it'll be fine. Try adding the baking powder right before cooking though.

I didn't find any pictures of crepes I've made, but here are some great cookies I made during the holidays! If you've read all the way here, let me know and I'll share the cookie recipe with you.

Best enjoyed with a light dusting of sugar and some lemon.