Chainjam 2016?

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Looks like some people are interested in doing another edition!
This is great, and I’m pretty excited πŸ™‚

Email me if you wanna get involved (joon@joon.be), unless you are already in the Games & Play slack, then you can join #Chainjam!

Here are some links
(2013) ChainJam framework: https://github.com/joonjoonjoon/chainjam
(2013) ChainJam Unity project: https://github.com/joonjoonjoon/chainjam_demogame

Submissions worked through a Google doc, which I can share upon request

If you look at column L, I would generally just select all cells and save that into gamelist.js
I then downloaded and uploaded files manually.

Hello jammers,

here’s a link to the good stuff:



Go play it.

It’s been a crazy ride and we’ve only just begun. The Chain Game is live and playable, but it will keep on growing like a Katamary of local multiplayer games. For the next hours we’ll work out bugs and add more games.

Some notes on playing:

  • games will be skipped if loading takes > 15 seconds
  • you should use controllers, and use our controller mapping
  • if you don’t have controllers, use multiple keyboards to avoid ghosting
  • report any issues, and please be patient with us
  • it seems Firefox is the most stable for the game

Here’s the main things we’re gonna work on next:

  • tweak the ‘skipping’ thing, either with a slider or with
  • a game list page, where you can play each individual game
  • a way to compose your own list with favorites
  • endless mode

We’re working super hard on making the game playable, but it might take a little while longer than anticipated. Hope you are as excited as we are.



Here’s where we go from here.

  • The submissions are open. Submit here.
  • Tomorrow at 15:00 GMT+1 we will try to go liveΒ with the submissions.
  • Submissions will stay open, and we will keep updating the chain game as they come in
  • The chain game will have a report button to report broken games.

That’s more or less it.

Our realistic stretch goals are:

  • Friday night, 26th of September, 50 chain games are submitted
  • Everybody has a blast playing games with friends
  • More submissions come in in the following months
  • The ChainJam was so popular that it is repeated in the spring
  • In the future all games are now chain games
  • The chain game gets on Steam and everybody makes 1.000.000$


Before submitting, please make sure that in your BUILD SETTING, you have enable OFFLINE DEPLOYMENT, to make sure everything will work πŸ™‚



Great start!

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A lot of the downloads were broken or otherwise f***ed. New versions have just been uploaded of

  • testbed
  • unity API package
  • unity DEMO GAME

Please ignore whatever files you have and re-download. Sorry sorry sorry.}
Please keep reporting errors, so we can improve!



joon - main contributor
Sam Walz - chain game development
Anders Lystad Brevik - Flash/AS3
Grapefrukt - Haxe
jonasmaaloe - CSS
pyjamads - support
Simon Gustafsson - logo & concept
V21 - web hosting