Chainjam 2016?

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Looks like some people are interested in doing another edition!
This is great, and I’m pretty excited 🙂

Email me if you wanna get involved (joon@joon.be), unless you are already in the Games & Play slack, then you can join #Chainjam!

Here are some links
(2013) ChainJam framework: https://github.com/joonjoonjoon/chainjam
(2013) ChainJam Unity project: https://github.com/joonjoonjoon/chainjam_demogame

Submissions worked through a Google doc, which I can share upon request

If you look at column L, I would generally just select all cells and save that into gamelist.js
I then downloaded and uploaded files manually.


joon - main contributor
Sam Walz - chain game development
Anders Lystad Brevik - Flash/AS3
Grapefrukt - Haxe
jonasmaaloe - CSS
pyjamads - support
Simon Gustafsson - logo & concept
V21 - web hosting