Please try to make your game as inclusive as possible. We want to be able to show the Chain Game in public, at events, parties and showcases. This means that the content will be reviewed by an actual human, and if it is found as inappropriate or offensive, it will not be included.

Other than this, there are no restrictions.


All games must be 4 player games.


The Chain Game will support the following formats:

  • Unity3D Webplayer,
  • Flash Web game,
  • Html5 page,
  • Java Applet

Look at our resources below to get SDK’s and documentation.

Title, credits, instructions

Between each game, there will be a 5 second pause where the title, credits and instructions for the next game will be displayed. You will have 140 characters for each, standard Tweet length.


Through popular selection, these colors are recommended for the players. If you use elaborate graphics, please identify the players by adding a flag, a health bar, or anything with these colors.

Player 1: #313232
Player 2: #27ADE3
Player 3: #EE368A
Player 4: #B0D136

They are not mandatory (!!!), but they will be used for the scoring and to help players indentify which avatar belongs to them.

Game Length

Each game will automatically terminate after 1 minute. You may also end the game prematurely by calling one of the functions in the SDK’s (see below).

Game Size

Try to keep your compiled project under 5 MB.


Award a maximum of 10 points in total during your game. You can award them on the go, or at the end. You may award 10 points to one player, or 2 to each player, or just 1 point to 1 player or any other permutation.

Aspect Ratio

Use 16:9
Avoid using a fixed resolution, but if you absolutely must, use 800×450.


Four directions + 2 buttons for each player.
The game is intended to be played with 4 controllers. First of all we must attempt to stay uniform in the control scheme, and try to include as many types of controllers as possible. Therefore, all games must use keyboard input and not attempt to read controller input.. We will offer as much support as possible for tools to remap any controllers to those keyboard commands. Other solutions are using multiple keyboards (to avoid ghosting).
(!) There is a nice wrapper around the controls, including documentation, in the Unity Package (see Resources).


Player 1:
Directions: Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow
Buttons: Z, X

Player 2:
Directions: J (left), K (down), I (up), L (right)
Buttons: N, M

Player 3:
Directions: A (left), S (down), W (up), D (right)
Buttons: Q, E

Player 4:
Directions: F (left), G (down), T (up), H (right)
Buttons: R, Y


joon - main contributor
Sam Walz - chain game development
Anders Lystad Brevik - Flash/AS3
Grapefrukt - Haxe
jonasmaaloe - CSS
pyjamads - support
Simon Gustafsson - logo & concept
V21 - web hosting