Here’s where we go from here.

  • The submissions are open. Submit here.
  • Tomorrow at 15:00 GMT+1 we will try to go liveĀ with the submissions.
  • Submissions will stay open, and we will keep updating the chain game as they come in
  • The chain game will have a report button to report broken games.

That’s more or less it.

Our realistic stretch goals are:

  • Friday night, 26th of September, 50 chain games are submitted
  • Everybody has a blast playing games with friends
  • More submissions come in in the following months
  • The ChainJam was so popular that it is repeated in the spring
  • In the future all games are now chain games
  • The chain game gets on Steam and everybody makes 1.000.000$



joon - main contributor
Sam Walz - chain game development
Anders Lystad Brevik - Flash/AS3
Grapefrukt - Haxe
jonasmaaloe - CSS
pyjamads - support
Simon Gustafsson - logo & concept
V21 - web hosting