DropSpread is a free Google Sheets extension that allows you to drag and drop files into a sheet.

Easily drop files into the DropSpread sidebar and turn it into a hyperlink!
- Easy to use!
- Auto-upload to a google Drive folder
- Auto-rename based on spreadsheet data
- Select anywhere in the row/column and the URL snaps in place at desired row/column
- Settings stored locally, per document
- Recent file history to avoid error, and easily review

Start adding files to your spreadsheets now!

Privacy Policy

We do not store any of your data anywhere, ever.
DropSpread does not collect any sensitive or non-sensitive data from the users. We do not collect email addresses, info about the user, or the files they are uploading with DropSpread. None of the data that DropSpread has access to is exported anywhere outside of Google cloud services, so there is no additional security weakness.

The DropSpread sidebar connects to your Google Drive account in the following ways:

Access to the Google Sheet where you will use it
DropSpread uses the sheet to get the desired filename, and to output the URL of the new file you’ve just uploaded.

Create files on Google Drive
The files you upload with DropSpread will appear in a folder of your choosing on Google Drive, so it needs access to Drive to create those files.

Delete files on Google Drive
You can delete files uploaded with DropSpread straight from the Sidebar (i.e. because you made a mistake). DropSpread can only delete files you uploaded, and only as long as they are visible in the sidebar list (which you can clear).

Terms of Service

DropSpread is donationware, meaning that it is free or charge to use and encouraged to donate if you like it. You are free to use the service free of charge, as long as you stay within the ToS of Google Drive, Sheets, and Suite. DropSpread and its developer Joon.be, Jonatan Van Hove, is not liable for any loss or leakage of data.  DropSpread and its developer Joon.be, Jonatan Van Hove, can not be held accountable for anything related to the usage of the service. You are not entitled to support, but welcome to contact me about it.