Glitchnap was a Danish game studio, active through 2012 and 2017. We're currently on indefinite hiatus. Joon is making games independently, Mads is doing a PhD at his alma mater ITU, and Jonas is a UX designer at Trustpilot. You can read about our hiatus. We also have archived pages for Invert, Sentree, LAZA KNITEZ!! and our old Presskits.

– Glitchnap.


Mads is a game developer and level designer, from Denmark, currently based on a tiny island of the coast of Denmark, where he enjoys a view of the ocean and strong winds. In Glitchnap he’s been in charge of developing underlying game systems as well as level and puzzle design. Mads has 6 years of Software Engineering experience, prior to co-founding Glitchnap, and enjoys disecting and understanding game systems, as the rich and beautiful monsters they are.


Main skills: Unity, C#, C++, JS, Haxe, AS3, Game Development, Level Design, Mobile

Other interests: Prototyping, Event Organization, Teaching, Floorball/Hockey, Puzzles and Brainteasers


Jonas is a UX & Game Designer with a sweet tooth for digital interfaces and playful interactions. With Glitchnap he’s been designing games anchored in alternative controls, multiplayer mayhems and has tried to make mobile games that don’t suck. He is currently teaching UX, prototyping and game design as an external lecturer at the IT University of Copenhagen and The Royal Academy of Fine Arts while exploring what to do next. You can see his game projects at


Main skills: Interaction design, player experience, digital prototyping, agile project management, teaching, strategy and business development.

Other interest: TV series, public speaking, digital toys and his Release Radar playlist on Spotify.


Joon is a game designer and event organizer from Antwerp, living in Reykjavik. With Glitchnap, he has been re-imagining mobile device affordances and physical game controllers through multiple projects. He’s been involved in a myriad of events in the indie games scene, both on and off-stage. His personal work explores the way digital technology can create play situations and novel experiences. GDC-Independent Game Summit Advisory Board member. Complains about technology and makes bad jokes on twitter.

Main skills: Prototyping, Design & Development, Unity dev, Mobile dev

Other interests: Community & Event organizing, teaching, public speaking, interactive installations, bouldering, …

Here’s an overview of some of our favorite projects from the last 5 years:

Det Kæmpestore Trafikspil

Flash, Playcanvas, Javascript.
Sikker og Søn owned by DR
Published by DR
Platforms: Web iOS, Android


Unity game engine, scripting in C#
Glitchnap Original IP
Published by Noodlecake Studios
Platforms: iOS, Android


2016 (discontinued)
Unity game engine, scripting in C#
Glitchnap Original IP
Unpublished; Nominated for IndieCade 2015, Honourably Mentioned at IGF 2016
Platforms: iOS / Android (mostly iOS though)

Free Fur All

Unity game engine, scripting in C#, Integrating CDN and Unity Masterserver
Based on We Bare Bears IP
Created as IP Launch title for Cartoon Network Games
Platforms: iOS, Android, WebGL

Try Harder

2013 (Web), 2014 (iOS), 2016 (Android)
Haxe-Flixel game engine, scripting in Haxe
Gltichnap Original IP
Published by Adult Swim Games (Web/iOS) and Noodlecake Studios (Android)
Platforms: Web (flash), iOS, Android

Laza Knitez!!

2013 (Ouya), 2014 (Desktop)
Haxe-Flixel game engine, scripting in Haxe
Glitchnap Original IP
Published by Glitchnap ( and Curve Digital (Steam, as part of ‘Indie Mixtape’)
Platforms: Ouya, Desktop (, Steam)


Unity game engine, scripting in C#
Wolfmans Original IP (Wolfmans is a combined effort of Glitchnap and Game Swing)
Unpublished; Created for Roskilde Festival 2014; Showcased at multiple A-MAZE events
Platforms: public events