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CONCEPT: Little Baby Mary just swallowed a marble and fallen asleep. If it's still inside her when she wakes up, she'll be cranky for hours. Luckily you can help sleeping Mary pass the marble by rotating her to move it through her intricate intestines that are visible on a screen in front of you. It's a race against time to get it from beginning to end before she wakes up. Just be careful not to rotate her too quickly and disturb her sleep so she wakes up!


GAMEPLAY: "Mary Ate A Marble" is a digital maze-runner game that you play using a real toy baby doll as a physical controller to rotate a marble through a 3-dimensional level on a screen. The doll has a mobile device with gyroscope inside it, that's connected over Bluetooth to a PC and screen. By rotating the baby doll in physical space you move the maze around on a screen in front of you and passing the marble through it. "Mary Ate A Marble" is a tense exercise against the clock where the marble must make it through the baby before time runs out, but where sudden or too quick motions with the controller wakes up the sleeping baby, which starts crying loudly through hidden PC speakers. Each successful run is saved in a special ALT.CTRL.GDC high-score to encourage players to take risks.


  • Physical baby doll controller.
  • Wireless gyroscope interaction.
  • Tense race against the clock.


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About Glitchnap

Glitchnap is a Copenhagen-based band that makes games instead of records.

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Mary Ate A Marble Credits

Mads Johansen Lassen
Game Design, Development, Glitchnap

Joon Van Hove
Developer, Glitchnap

Jonas Maaloe
Designer, Glitchnap

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