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Ever wondered which of your friends could protect you with their eyes closed? Find out in Sentree - a cooperative, physical mobile game for 2 or more players about keeping a cool head and helping each other survive through the night in a dark, unfriendly forest. In Sentree, the Hero protects the tiny Antlers with her bulky flashlight that shoots light beams, which scares increasingly aggressive monsters back into hiding. However, the Hero (or shooter) is unable to see these monstrous apparitions, and must rely on the Antlers to point her in the right direction. The Antlers (or spotters), can see everything, but cannot defend themselves. In the real world, this means that the player with the role of the shooter is holding a smartphone and can fire, reload and aim, while the spotter or spotters are looking at a tablet device with a depiction of the game world. Sentree hinges entirely on communication between players. Mastering Sentree will require you to build or draw on trust relationships, and at the same time offers an engaging way to entertain people at a party.


Sentree is based on a student prototype named Zumbie. Zumbie introduced us to the idea of using inter-player communication as a core mechanic and using a mobile phone as a remote input device. With Sentree, Glitchnap is trying to highlight the things that made the prototype so much fun to play at events, while adding the layer of depth, narrative and aesthetics that the concept deserves.


  • A new take on traditional blindfold folk games.
  • Shouting and physical movement creates a spectacle that is as fun to watch as it is to play.
  • Many players can participate.
  • Simple and intuitive gameplay that can be learned by anyone in 10 seconds (shoot is tap, shake is reload).
  • Find out which one of your friends is most likely to buckle under stress.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "IGF Nuovo Award Honorable Mention" San Francisco, 2016
  • "IndieCade Festival 2015 Award Nominee" Culver City, 2015
  • "A-MAZE Festival 2015 Award Nominee" Berlin, 2015
  • "GDC15 Experimental Gameplay Workshop" San Francisco, 2015
  • "EGX Rezzed: Leftfield Collection" London, 2015
  • "Development Support: The Danish Film Institue" Copenhagen, 2013
  • "Mozilla Game-on: "Grand Champion" and "Best in Multi-device" Winner" San Francisco, 2013 (as "Zumbie")
  • "IMGA: Innovative Design Nominee" San Francisco, 2013 (as "Zumbie")

Selected Articles

  • "If you like the cooperative social dynamic of Spaceteam, you should definitely play Sentree!"
    - Henry Smith, Sleeping Beast Games
  • "Yelling at blind-folded friends - what else do I need to say?!"
    - Adriaan De Jongh, Game Oven
  • "This is the game that will bring blind folding and yelling out loud at friends into the mainstream."
    - Dajana Dimovska, KnapNok Games
  • "This game is really good! That's objectively true and not just my personal opinion."
    - Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren, Nifflas' Games

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Get ready to blindfold your friends in this neat local multiplayer game
"Smartphones and tablets have been great for games, but are much-maligned for the antisocial act of screen-staring. Luckily, games like Glitchnap's Sentree can help all your friends play together, with just a couple of devices." boingboing.net.

From Zumbies to Sentrees: Redefining a Game
"It started out as a classic zombie scenario, but now the game Zumbie from Glitchnap has become something completely different. What happened?" nordicgamebits.com.

Unique Shooter Game Sentree Revealed, Launching On iOS Next Year
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About Glitchnap

Glitchnap is a Copenhagen-based band that makes games instead of records.

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Sentree Credits

Joon Van Hove
Developer, Glitchnap

Mads Johansen Lassen
Developer, Glitchnap

Jonas Maal√łe
Producer, Glitchnap

Liselore Goedhart
Concept Artist, Freelance

Erwin Kho
3D Artist, Freelance

Martin Kvale
Sound Artist, Freelance

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