A mobile local multiplayer game for 2 or more people

- Event based game -

Have you ever wondered which of your friends could protect you with their eyes closed? Find out in Sentree - a cooperative, physical mobile game for 2 or more players about helping each other survive through the night in a dark, unfriendly forest.

How to play

Sentree is a game for two mobile devices, preferable a smartphone and a tablet. The players take two different roles, the shooter gets a device, and the spotter(s) get the other. The shooter will control the hero character in the game, while the spotter(s) give directions and offer support.


The shooter is the game's Hero. She's equipped with a magic flashlight mapped to one of the mobile devices, and her basic actions are aiming, shooting, and reloading. The Hero needs to help the group and herself survive waves of creatures that emerge from the dark to snatch the magical Antlers."


The spotter(s) are the Antlers. Using the other mobile device, they see each level with the Hero standing at the center surrounded by enemies, and must tell her what to do - where, when and in which order. Working together, it's up to the players to find new and more efficient ways to communicate, in order to survive.

A game by


Sentree is a mobile local multiplayer game by Glitchnap, a band that makes games instead of records. Glitchnap is based in Copenhagen, with veins pumping all the way from Norway to Belgium. Glitchnap made their debut in 2014 with LAZA KNITEZ!!, a fast-paced 4-player space-jousting extravaganza, and Try Harder, an infinite running with a persistent world. Glitchnap is a member of the Copenhagen Game Collective, known for their playfulness and rule-breaking game designs. Glitchnap has been touring the world, building installations, exhibiting games, giving talks, facilitating workshops and is condensing all of that energy into their next game, Sentree.

Concept Artist


Liselore Goedhart aka Lizzywanders is an illustrator and game developer who is known for her organic, stylistic and colorful style. She created the art for Game Seeds, Remembering and Nott Won't Sleep. She puts cute eyes on everything, even you.

3D Artist


Erwin Kho aka zerbamine is a Rotterdam-based illustrator and graphic designer whose trans-dimensional mind has been trapped in a 3-dimensional world since 1980. Luckily, thanks to his ever-growing support group of sketchbooks and his discovery of polygons, he never gets bored.

Audio Composer

Martin Kvale

Martin is the sound artist on Sentree, Norwegian by birth, he has worked on Teslagrad, The Plan and Among The Sleep, and is now enjoying immersing himself into local multiplayer games with Glitchnap. Martin loves working with weird sounds and ambiences, and is frequently found recording sounds in mausoleums.

"If you like the cooperative social dynamic of Spaceteam, you should definitely play Sentree!"

- Henry Smith, Sleeping Beast Games

"Yelling at blind-folded friends - what else do I need to say?!"

- Adriaan De Jongh, Game Oven

"This is the game that will bring blind folding and yelling out loud at friends into the mainstream."

- Dajana Dimovska, KnapNok Games

"This game is really good! That's objectively true and not just my personal opinion."

- Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren, Nifflas' Games