Awards and features
Local multiplayer

Local multiplayer for up to 4 people

LAZA KNITEZ!! was built specifically for local multiplayer, and nothing compares to the frantic mayhem of 4 player free-for-all.

Single player

Single player campaign against AI's

Even ultranoble warriors sometimes need a little alone time. Unwind with LAZA KNITEZ!! endless single player campaign against ruthless robots.

Controller support

Support for Xbox and Playstation controllers

In the technofuture everything is plug-and-play. Simply pair and use your existing controllers to get everyone a chance to join in.

A so-fast-it’s-silly and so-silly-it’s-funny type of game
- Rami Ismail, VLAMBEER
My favorite local multiplayer game of the 23rd century
- Doug Wilson, Die Gute Fabrik & Sportsfriends
Why aren’t you playing LAZA KNITEZ!! already?
- Nifflas, Knytt Underground

LAZA KNITEZ!! is part of the 1st Indie Mixtape,
available on Steam and Humble!