Antwerp House of Indie

The Antwerp House of Indie is a very young collective of game designers, curators, enthusiasts and carpenters. We want to unite the existing indie developers in our region, and inspire more people to join the community.

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Here are some of our projects from 2013

Custom Element4l Controller (Hannes, Thomas)

For the Free to Play expo in Winkehaak, Antwerp, Dirk Van Welden’s beautiful game Element4l was made even more beautiful thanks to the custom controller.

Press X (Bram, Joon)

This platform for showcasing indie games looks like it escaped from the Chronicles of Narnia, and it has enthralled players throughout Belgium at both game-related and public events. Apart from our own games, it has exhibited Proteus, Tengami, Super Hexagon, Starwhal, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, …

(read more on the Press X page)

Game Paint Factory (Hannes, Thomas)

We were asked to create an installation for a pop culture public event, that allegedly had a lot of young people and families. We designed an installation where you can draw or paint, with whatever tool you prefer, and transport those graphics into a game as textures. With no latency and no hassle, it is possible to paint on 3d models and then walk around between them.

Custom Controllers (Hannes, Thomas)

Winnitron Belgium (Hannes, Thomas)

(read more ont he Winnitron Blog)