Canabalt 100p

Canabalt 100p* is a modification of the original game made by Adam Atomic. This installation allows for 100* players to play together, or for 1 person to play with 100* avatars, or anything in between. The white keys each control one of the characters, in a logically corresponding order.

Apart from interacting with the musical landscape, each button on the piano is tied to one of the avatars on screen. This installations allows for many different ways to engage with this modern classic. It can be played as a survival game, competitively, as well as collaboratively to reach the furthest point or the highest score. As a single player game it will encourage you to do a continuous glissando, or mexican wave, to control an amount of units that you would normally only encounter in an RTS game.

>> in collaboration with Glitchnap and Adam Atomic.
>> selected for ALT.CTRL.GDC 2014.
>> ALT.CTRL writeup on Engadget
>> ALT.CTRL writeup on Destructoid
>> ALT.CTRL writeup on Ars Technica

*100 is just an imaginary number. Since piano’s rarely come in that size, it will most likely be less.



Original Canabalt description:

Speed across rooftops to outrun the demolition of your city by a terrible force! Plan your jumps carefully though or you could end up splattered!