Desert Mini-Golfing

A flag in the sand. A smartphone from the past. A hidden treasure. A desert. A golfball.

This artifact was dug up in Lybian part of the Sahara Desert during an archeological dig in late 2014. Scholars have debated its origin and purpose, ranging from it being a Victorian era smartphone to a discarded toy left by a camel herder in the 60′s. Whatever it is, it is here now, and you can play it. It seems to remember all the golf strokes made by all players throughout history.

This tiny installation, combining electronics and sand, is a demake of the iOS game Desert Golfing by Captain Games. Adjust angle and velocity, and spend the rest of your life endlessly golfing in the desert. You may have to dig for the controls, literally. Most of all, the context around Desert Mini-Golfing, the pile of dry desert sand, conjurs up the experience of finding hidden treasure.

material: vintage cigar box, arduino, LCD display, battery

>>> exhibited at the Game Science center in Berlin
>>> selected for ALT.CTRL.GDC 2015 (but absent due to it being stuck in shipping limbo)

(Desert Mini-Golfing, Glitchnap or have no affiliation with with Desert Golfing, Apple or Apple products, but the Captain told me he’s cool with it)