Zumbie is a game about surviving the zombie apocalypse with the help of your friend(s). One player plays as the shooter, who is a blind and limping but luckily has an endless supply of shotgun shells. The shooter must hold the mobile device in the normal phone orientation (hotdog, not hamburger) and should not be able to see the screen, and must use a mobile device as a gun. Pick a name, and ask your friend(s) to play as a spotter. They must give you directions and help you survive as long as possible. Your rotation will match the rotation of the shooter. Press the screen to shoot, and shake the phone vertically to reload.

Zumbie started out as a pet project, but turned into a Glitchnap project in early 2013. It brought us to GDC in spring 2013. It is currently under development, however there is a public demo available which was submitted to the Mozilla GameOn competition.

Game by Glitchnap.
Artwork by Mikkel Faurholm and Henrike Lode.
Trailer by Pieter-Jan Van Damme.

>> nominated for International Mobile Game Award 2013, Excellence in Innovation category
>> winner of the Mozilla GameOn Grand Champion award 2013
>> winner of the Mozilla GameOn Multi-Device category award 2013
>> exhibited at Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, 2013
>> exhibited at Different Games, New York 2013
>> exhibited at Play Vienna, Vienna, 2013
>> exhibited at Automat Arkad, Gothenburg, 2013
>> exhibited at Spilbar, Copenhagen, 2014
>> shortlisted for the A-MAZE festival, Berlin, 2014


by Dev Karnal Fridén

by Dev Karnal Fridén

by Mei Lewis – Mission Photographic