All plumbers have mysteriously disappeared from your spaceship. It's your task to hire 10 new spaceplumbers, before any of the other players or teams does. Build a ship by connecting pipes, guns and engines, and search for astronaut-plumbers. Shoot other ships, defend yourself and experiment with building the best ship possible.

Spaceplumbers was developed for the NO FUTURE contest in june/july 2013.



NOTE: Controllers must be plugged in before the game is launched. 2 to 4 XBox 360 controllers recommended.

Alternatively use the keyboard:
p1: WASD + Q + E
p2: ARROWS + N + M
p3: TFGH + R + Y
p4: IJKL + U + O


Select 2 or 4 player

The goal of the game is to...

... you do this by ... [select = A]

... and when your ship is done, you ... [pump = B]

... first to bring home 10, wins the game!

Make sure you connect your parts properly!

Protect your core!

Destroy useless ships by wiggling!

Touch other players with a bomb and they will explode.


Jonatan Van Hove
Simon Engelsted
Lars Bindslev

Music by lighght
Sound Effects by Lasse Honnens de Lichtenberg & Jonatan Van Hove