⚒️ The Tech Toolbox ⚙️

In this collection of technical microtalks, each speaker will take you through one of their homemade tools, solutions, or hacks that could benefit or inspire you. The Tech Toolbox presents interesting solutions to interesting problems, or bits of tech that create new affordances in game design from a broad set of independent developer perspectives.

Tech Toolbox takes place at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco since 2015, as a part of the Independent Games Summit. It is organized by Joon and Kate.

The 2020 Open Call will run from Nov 25 2019 until January 7 2020 Midnight PST
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Tech Toolbox 2019

Watch it for free on the GDC Vault.


2019 Speakers

  • Max Kreminski
  • Nicole He
  • Erik Rydeman
  • Em Walker
  • David Mershon
  • Jon Manning

Tech Toolbox 2018

Watch it for free on the GDC Vault.


2018 Speakers

  • Allison Parrish
  • Oskar Stalberg
  • Fernando Ramallo
  • Thomas Kail
  • Tabby Rose
  • Matthew Wegner

Tech Toolbox 2017


2017 Speakers

  • Holden Link
  • Ryan Williams
  • Innes McKendrick
  • Cukia Kimani
  • Michael Cook
  • Chris Martens

Tech Toolbox 2016


2016 Speakers

  • Omar Cornut
  • Evan Todd
  • Keir Miron
  • Kate Compton
  • Alan Hazelden

Tech Toolbox 2015

Watch it for free on the GDC Vault.


2015 Speakers

  • Matt Rix
  • Hugh Jeremy
  • Mattias Ljungström
  • Tom Vian
  • Mads Johansen Lassen
  • Tim Garbos

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