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Press [X] to give up.

Click the game to start. Play with music (headphones).

This game is about fighting a bull. Change stance (SPACE) when the bull is near. Immediatly pull up your banderilla (HOLD UP ARROW) and stab the bull right behind the head (HOLD DOWN ARROW). Run away (LEFT/RIGHT ARROW)whenever you get the chance.

This game was made by
#Anders Boerup who did the audio.
#Bram Michielsen who did story, and has a webcomic A song Called City
#Henrike Lode who did art, and has worked on Machineers.
#Jonas Maaloe who did concept and touchups LAZA KNITEZ!!
#Jonatan Van Hove who did programming, and has also worked on LAZA KNITEZ!!
#Mads Johansen who did programming, and has worked on LAZA KNITEZ!!


Press [X] to give up made it to second place at the Nordic Game Jam and is invited to Casual Connect in Hamburg in February.


#Indiestatik report of the NGJ13

#We were the Browser Game Pick on

#GamingFTL did a Let's Play

#PCGamer included us in a roundup

#Superlevel wagered some guy named Dennis' board game collection against you regretting to play Press [X].

#Rock Paper Shotgun included us in their weekly It's Free roundup.

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